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About Joining MyFamily


MyFamily” is our private social media project designed to benefit every TV Show Guest Judge  participating. Almost anyone can join for now but only the Top-20 will not be removed after the fundraising for your salary has ended. The contest ends when 3 of you have raised a million dollars in donations from your fans, friends, etc.

Each day, the Top-20 will have your info on the webpage about your country and it will remain there for at least 60 weeks. This allows you to receive offers from others and lets everyone know you have made it in style and you are wealthy.

As long as you are not in the Top-20 when you see that others are about to cross the $1 million line, you can quit and take what you have raised and be happy with it. This website will keep a small commission for our services and the rest will be credited into the financial account you provided when you signed up.

Just remember that if you are live streaming on a lot of platforms and have lots of fans supporting you, it may not be possible for you to drop out, because the money will continue coming into your account and everyone visiting the website for your country will see your rank and how much cash you have.

You should use your common sense of fair play and represent your country the best way you can. Some basic guidelines are posted here, and new recommendations you submit may be put here.


1.) Get more and more people to watch your presentations;
2.) Give ideas they can use;
3.) Reward owners of the most interesting videos;
4.) Get subscribers to our YouTube channels;
5.) Make important contacts that will help your life improve;
6.) Have more fun than you can imagine.


This job requires proof that you are one of the 3 (three) most popular female influencers on Social Media in your country. Your fans will vote for you by “donating” at least $1 into your account. Up to you how much they donate. The website will display each day how many votes and how much cash you have received, while 75% you keep, remaining 20% we keep. For example, say you require at least $100,000 to advance to the winners throne. Convince your followers to donate that amount and your reward is about $1,250 weekly. We do not want any “accidents” or problems so you will receive only a portion of that $75,000 each week. This guarantees you will do your job so you will receive each week into your direct deposit bank account about USD $1,250. Failure to “work online” with your other crew-members results in no payment that week. Mason has final say during disputes but 1st ask your Steering Committee Members for assistance. 



Your photo will appear on the page about your country. Anyone clicking onto your photo will be sent to your website link, where you can provide to them any information you wish to share.

  1. No matter how artistic or beautiful you think it is, you will not share pornographic links or images;

  2. You won’t start or participate in any riots, or try to get anyone physically injured;

  3. You will not get involved with overthrowing the government;

  4. You will promptly report but not participate in any activities designed to harm our program or your TV Star brothers and sisters in other countries.


As there are 30 tourism categories, your tenure will be for 60 weeks. You and your 2 co-host associates will begin your comments with the 1st category of tourism activities. Your goal should convince normal people to register into the website, come up with ideas and then offer those services to tourists. You also want people to SUBSCRIBE to our video streaming channels. YOUR 60 WEEKS allows you to comment on videos in each category twice. Each week, you and the other 2 ladies will share your views on which promotional videos should be selected as winners of first, second or third place prizes. Being featured on your show brings new customers to them, thus helps them earn more cash in tourism.

Near the end of your tenure all of you may run for “re-election” and again attempt to gain the most votes. You will do announcements to get other people to join the party. If someone new gains more votes and cash than you do, then you are done and a new person will take your place. Remember, it is not only how much cash you raise, we also count the number of people voting for you. Ladies have a head start now. Transgenders not welcomed.  You must believe the men will use every trick to get your seat at the end of your tenure.


Because you are becoming rich and famous, other people and especially haters, will talk about you no matter what you do or say. If you walk on water they will say it’s because you can’t swim. If you heal the sick or raise the dead they’ll say you are practicing medicine without a license. So, get prepared. So as not to embarrass anyone, the 3 of you will privately discuss how you dress and agree upon your own clothing styles. You are representing your country, and 110+ countries are involved in this project. Mason has final say during disputes but 1st ask your Steering Committee Members for assistance. 


Upon reaching 1,000 donors you can request access into “My Family”,until the fundraising for your salary contest is closed. Then, only the Top-20 will remain and all others will be removed. This is an elite private online network for only the 20 best people in each country and I encourage you to meet your TV family members in other countries. Share ideas, attend parties, ask questions and assist each other, etc. You can easily travel to different countries to exchange places with your TV Star family members. You just make sure someone else is taking your place while you are out of the country. Click here to watch BuddyPress training videos to help you understand the BuddyPress platform we use here


Steering Committee Members are to assist you when you need help. They may even locate sponsors and a studio for your shows, so that each week the prizes you give away are of higher quality, higher value. They may offer to arrange an interview for you on the news or on a radio show. They may offer you cash to speak to some students somewhere. You do not want complaints saying you spend more time promoting big sponsors than promoting the common people who really need help. Mason has final say during disputes but 1st ask your Steering Committee Members for assistance. 


Download & study this PDF, which will be discussed in great detail on social media and video streaming sites seen here. You will be taught how to use it.

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